Renovation Checklist

Although a roof renovation might not be your favourite activity to organise, it is important to plan it well. Below are our roof renovation checklists for both homeowners and roofing contractors.

Roof Renovation Checklist for Homeowners

List of Renovation Activities

Take note of every renovation item that you want to do, including structural repairs, upgrading a drainage system, new metal roof sheets, and a fresh layer of paint. Once you have a complete list, you need to prioritise what is essential for you.


Go through your list of renovation activities and cost out each item. Match them against your budget to determine the complete roof renovation cost, and whether you can do everything at once.

Find a Trusted and Trained Contractor

While smaller repairs can be done by you, finding the right contractor is often the better alternative. However, make sure the contractor’s portfolio includes previous jobs that are similar to your requirements.

Set a Timeline

Depending on the extent of your roof renovation, the job might take a while to complete. Make sure you and the contractor’s availability and schedules match. After all, you don’t want to have to wait for missing materials halfway through the renovation project.

Roof Renovation Checklist for Contractors

Check Renovation Requirements

Before embarking on the roof renovation, make sure you are able to complete the job that is asked.

Inspect the Roof Needs

Before signing off on what you have been tasked to do, make sure to inspect the roof thoroughly. Check whether the homeowner’s wishes are actually executable and look for potential problems, such as structural issues. It is important to discuss these details with the client in advance to avoid any misunderstanding and arguments at a later stage.

Order the Material

Plan ahead and order all the materials you will need to complete the roof renovation in order to avoid any unnecessary delays.

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