Temperature Control

Is your house too hot during the warmer months of the year? Have you considered how the material, colour, or shape of your roof contribute to this? The truth is that these factors not only affect your running maintenance costs but can also impact the temperature control in your home.

Factors that Impact Temperature Control

Lower Temperatures Means Better Energy Efficiency

Homeowners who have opted for clay tiles or dark-coloured roofing material will feel the absorbed heat from the sun within the house. If you want to reflect the heat instead of absorbing it, you need a cooling roof that is light in colour and made of materials that have high solar reflectance.

This is crucial in places where temperatures get high, such as in Southeast Asia, as the roof will be the hottest place in the building during hot days. While roof insulation can help, it does not eliminate the problem for most homes. A cooling roof coating, however, can help save up to 15%* of the energy that would otherwise go into air-conditioning.

* Depends on the level of insulation, colour, and building shape.
Source: Energy Efficient Singapore.

Steel Roofing for a Cooling Effect

The roofing materials have a significant impact on how much heat is reflected. For example, steel roofing can come with metallic finishes or granular coated surfaces. Having a light-coloured metal roof can increase its solar reflectance and thermal emittance, helping the house roof stay cooler, as compared to using darker-coloured clay tiles.

Types of Steel Roofing

The design of metal roofing can also help to further reduce cost and save energy for your house. Most metal roofing types are not only reflective, but also easily vented, which helps to keep your home cool in the summer. 

When constructing the roof, it is important to keep the contact between the steel roofing and the structure underneath minimal, in order to stop the heat transfer.  Another way to further keep the temperature low and reflect the heat is by using steel roofing that is pre-painted in light colors, which ideally uses cooling pigments. For further heat and noise reduction, consider adding an insulation layer to the steel roof sheets. 

Homeowners that are exposed to high-intensity heat for significant parts of the year should carefully consider the materials for their house roof, as it does not only save energy costs, but can also impact temperature control in the house.


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