About BlueScope ZACS®

Backed with over 100 years of steelmaking expertise from Australia, BlueScope ZACS® is a durable, trusted roofing brand from BlueScope that protects what is important to you and your family. With anti-corrosion and anti-colour fading warranties, BlueScope ZACS® is your preferred roofing choice for your housing needs.

Our Story

You have precious things you value in your life – your house, your family, your car, your shop, your factory, your precious collections of childhood memorabilia…..

We understand how important these things are to you and we aim to help you protect them, by offering you a roof that protects and lasts.

With more than 100 years of experience in steel manufacturing in Australia, we are confident that BlueScope ZACS® is one of the most reliable and durable steel roofing materials in the market. We know steel. We are proud to offer corrosion warranty* for our products. Our innovative and cutting-edge technology ensures that our products are made of the highest quality, and have met or even exceeded the prevailing standards set by the local government in the countries that we are in.

We know that you are proud of your house and that you want the roof to not only protect well but also look great aesthetically. This is why BlueScope ZACS® offers a wide variety of beautiful coloured steel sheets, with colour fading warranty* of up to 7 years.

BlueScope ZACS® is made to protect and build to last. It is protection ever after.

*All warranties are subjected to NS BlueScope (Thailand) Ltd’s Terms and Conditions

NS BlueScope

BlueScope is one of the global leaders in premium branded coated and painted steel products. We are one of the world’s leading manufacturer of painted and coated steel products. We are focused on the global building & construction industry, with great strengths in engineered steel buildings in key markets.

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