Know Before You Buy

Things you should know before buying the right metal sheet roof for your beautiful home and worry-free living


A metal sheet roof can add character and curb appeal to your house, but if you overlook what you need to know before choosing your metal sheet material, unexpected problems may arise later on.

Homeowners should bear in mind that a good house not only looks good but is also strong, sturdy, and long-lasting, especially those homeowners who are building or renovating a house with metal sheet roofing materials. Here are some tips to help you choose the right metal sheet roof for your beautiful home and for worry-free living.        

Metal sheet roofing materials satisfy homeowner needs for modern style due to their attractive colours, lightweight, ease of installation, and reasonable prices. The key points you need to consider when choosing a metal sheet are:     

Appropriate thicknesses for applications

Metal sheets should have thicknesses appropriate to purlin spacing. You should choose metal sheet thickness according to the type of house or and building:

  • For houses, garages, and extensions, use 0.25 mm-thick metal sheets.
  • For small and medium-sized factories, use 0.35 mm.
  • For large-sized factories or buildings, use 0.47 mm.
Paint coatings extend service life

Roof colors can enhance your house’s curb appeal. We recommend using metal sheets that conform to paint coating standards and that have superior paint adhesion and scratch resistance.

Metal sheets with high aluzinc content

TIS-certified metal sheets have aluminum-zinc coatings of at least AZ70 (70 g/sq.m.). The higher the number after AZ, the greater the aluminum-zinc content. An AZ70 coating provides four times better corrosion protection than traditional zinc coating, thus helping to extend metal sheet service life and resist rust

Trustworthy and reliable standards

It is essential to choose roofing materials that are strong and sturdy. To ensure worry-free living and safety at all times, we recommend metal sheet roofing materials with TIS certifications and international standards, which have been tested to meet the strength and impact resistance requirements.  

BlueScope ZACS® metal sheets offer a full range of outstanding properties, including:

Unparalleled strength, superior durability

You can rest assured that you and your family’s lives are safe at all times under a superior strength BlueScope ZACS® metal sheet roof. Our metal sheets are made of high-quality steel with technology from Australia. They are designed, researched, and developed specifically for walling and roofing applications and have been TIS-certified to meet strength and durability requirements with standard thicknesses indicated on the back. 

Bright and long-lasting colors

BlueScope ZACS® metal sheets are 55% aluminum-zinc coated using the most state-of-the-art technology in Asia. The sheets are coated with special formula paints, which are not only solar heat reflective but also UV resistant, with superior adhesion backed by TIS certification. Most importantly, BlueScope ZACS® is the only brand that has received TIS 2753-2016 (prepainted) and TIS 2228-2016 (unpainted). You can be assured that your roof will stand out with bright, long-lasting color and corrosion protection which is four times better than traditional galvanized sheet roof.

High quality performance guaranteed

BlueScope ZACS® metal sheet roofing delivers worry-free living, with a wide variety of thicknesses to suit your application needs and superior strength and durability. Every metal sheet is quality guaranteed up to 12 years and has a long paint life, guaranteed up to 5 years.

Create a beautiful, strong, durable, and safe roof that lasts a lifetime without hassle or risk by choosing high-quality metal sheets from BlueScope ZACS®, the only brand in Thailand that has received the TIS standard mark.

“Because good metal sheet is metal sheet with the TIS mark.” Thanks to for the information.      


Why is metal sheet BlueScope Zacs Cool a good choice for your roof?

What is good about metal sheet roofing?

Many people are familiar with metal sheet already, but many still do not know the advantages it can provide. Aside from the aesthetic aspect, metal sheet offers the following functions:

  • Supports a low-pitch roof design: 2-5 degrees (depending on installation).
  • Releases heat better: Metal sheet does not absorb heat, unlike other roofing materials.  
  • Leak proof: Since the entire metal sheet is used without cutting, there is no leak.
  • Easy to extend: lightweight and does not add burden to the structure.
  • Bendable to any desired shape: Suitable for complex home design.

Now that you know these advantages, do not forget to look for BlueScope ZACS® metal sheets when you are choosing roofing material for your house. BlueScope ZACS® metal sheets are TIS-certified, so you can rest assured that they are of good quality with superior strength and durability. They also come with a 12-year corrosion-free warranty and a 5-year no-fade warranty.

Metal roof satisfies every need
Gracefulness that reflects who you are
Longer-lasting colours: specially formulated paints that are not only bright and glossy but which also reflect solar heat that causes colour fading. Easy to install: because every sheet is factory tested to standard, it is perfectly straight, undistorted, and beautifully corrugated, making it easy and quick to install.
More durable: 55% aluminium-zinc coated using the most advanced state-of-the-art technology in Asia; able to protect against rust four times better than a traditional galvanized sheet. Lighter: steel roof weighs about 4 kg/sq.m., thus reducing structure burden when compared with other types of roofing materials. 12-year warranty on every sheet: Because of its quality and lengthy experience, BlueScope, a leader in the steel roof industry, dares to offer a 12-year warranty.
Stronger: produced from quality grade steel with technology from Australia; designed, researched, and developed specifically for walling and roofing applications; tough and sturdy, guaranteed quality for every sheet. Reduce joints: durable and leak-proof because metal sheets can be made to order for any roof shape and length; reduce joints between sheets, tight seal, and prevent rainwater leakage. 5-year color fading warranty: Steel roof users can be assured that their roof paints are high quality, weather-resistant, bright, long-lasting, and will not fade.
More beautiful: a range of colours to choose from to suit every mood and create a beautiful and unique look for your home. Good for the curved roof: satisfies any application needs; because of its toughness, strength, and durability, BlueScope metal sheets can be used for any roof shape.


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